Montag, 27. August 2007


Ich freue mich! Ich habe tatsächlich noch eine Mail von der Isle of Skye erhalten. Stuart ist ein netter Kerl und entschuldigte sich sogar mehrfach für die verspätete Antwort. Dabei hat er ja noch rechtzeitig vor unserem Trip geschrieben, also alles gut.

Dear Oliver,

I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thank yo for your enquiry - it is always great to hear of folk who are about to experience the amazing views of this are, and I know that you wont be dissappointed! You can certainly walk in to Loch Coruisk - I have a kind of photo journal showing a lot of parts of the walk but haven't had time to get that online as yet. The bad step isn't too bad (especially in dry weather) - the worst thing about it is if you take the wrong route across it, which you are more likely to do heading the other way (from Loch Coruisk towards Elgol) as there is a grassy path that goes very high above the step - this is not really a path, but just looks like the obvious way to go! Definately don't take it as you end up very high up and pretty dangerous! Cross from the lowest point of grass on one side of the bad step to the lowest point on the other side.

The boat is also a great way to do it - my Dad actually runs the local boat trips to Loch Coruisk. He started doing the trip 40 years ago and has been working the sea here all his life so knows the area as well as anyone and is able to point out all the local features. It's definately the easier way in!
If you take the boat (The Misty Isle) there are a few options: A standard 3 hour trip (which gives you 1 and a half hours to explore ashore), the longer full-day trip (which gives you 4 and a half hours ashore - a great option as it leaves time to either walk right around Loch Coruisk itself or to climb Sgurr na Strith which overlooks the Loch and, although a comparitively small hill amongst the rest of the Cuillins, has fantastic views from the top. The other option on the boat is to get a lift in to Loch Coruisk on the morning run and to walk home. That way my Dad, Seumas, can point out to you the path from the sea. If you are interested in the boat option have a look at the website ( and feel free to get in touch any time to find out more.

Whatever you decide, ENJOY this beautiful island! Keep an eye on the blog for the photos!
Keep in touch and let me know how you get on - it sounds like a great trek!
Maybe you could write a wee piece about it and I could stick it in our blog (or link to your blog too)?

Sorry again in taking so long to reply,


Dear Stuart,

thank you very much! We´ll keep in touch, and maybe we have a chance to meet each other in Elgol...?

Regards to the misty Isle of Skye!
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